Detroit Tigers Winter Meetings checklist

Here's a list of things that Scott Harris and the Detroit Tigers should accomplish at next week's Winter Meetings.
Dec 7, 2022; San Diego, CA, USA; A detailed view of a 2022 MLB Winter Meetings logo at Manchester
Dec 7, 2022; San Diego, CA, USA; A detailed view of a 2022 MLB Winter Meetings logo at Manchester / Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Another starting pitcher

The Tigers got one starting pitcher in Kenta Maeda earlier this week, but they could still use another one. Maeda doesn't have a history of being an innings-eater, so they would be wise to add another starter.

Fortunately, there's still plenty of options on the free agent market. At the top of virtually everyone's list are the Japanese imports, Yoshinobu Yamamoto and Shota Imanaga. Yamamoto would obviously be amazing, but it just doesn't seem like this front office or ownership is going to shell out the cash for someone like him.

However, Imanaga is far more attainable. While he doesn't have the ace ceiling that Yamamoto has, he would still be a very solid No. 3 in the Tigers rotation. He would essentially be their Eduardo Rodriguez replacement.

Imanaga is a 30-year-old lefty. He doesn't throw very hard, but like most Japanese pitchers, he has a nasty splitter. His strikeouts to walks ratio the last couple of years has just been absurd. It was over 6 in 2022, and was approaching 8 (!!!) this past season in the NPB. The guy is a strike-throwing machine. He perfectly fits what the Tigers want in a pitcher.

If they are unable to get either of the Japanese pitchers, there are still plenty of options domestically. ESPN's Jeff Passan reported the Tigers "had been all over" the mid-tier starting pitching market when the Tigers inked Maeda, so there's a good chance they've done their due diligence on many of these guys.

One guy in particular that I just can't quit, despite the fact that he looked cooked this past year, is Lucas Giolito. He's a guy with swing-and-miss stuff, and has pitched at least 160 innings in every full season since 2018.

However, he gave up a ton of home runs, and hard contact in general last season. Still, he seems like a great project for Chris Fetter. Giolitio has a changeup that he throws everywhere, not just down in the zone. That sounds like something Fetter could optimize.

Then, of course, there's always the trade market. By any means, the Tigers need to get another arm for their rotation.