Former Detroit Tigers infielder Harold Castro hits highlight-reel home run

Detroit Tigers first baseman Harold Castro (30) picks up an RBI with this swing during the 2022 season.
Detroit Tigers first baseman Harold Castro (30) picks up an RBI with this swing during the 2022 season. / Lon Horwedel-USA TODAY Sports

Former Detroit Tigers infielder Harold Castro with a mammoth home run.

The Detroit Tigers may have moved on from Harold Castro this off-season, but the infielder had quite the home run at the end of January. While playing in the Venezuelan Winter League for the Lions of Caracas, he helped his team win the league and earn a spot in the Caribbean Series.

Nicknamed Hittin' Harold during his time with the Detroit Tigers, Castro indeed got all of a 2-0 pitch in extra-innings. The pitch was left over the middle and up around the belt, and Castro turns on it, rotating through the zone and hammering the ball.

He crushed it deep to right field beyond the wall with some serious hang time. It stayed fair and left the yard for a home run. It was a walk-off victory for his squad, ending the game as a 7-6 victory for the Lions of Caracas.

Here's the swing and trip around the bases from the former Tigers infielder.

The trip around the bases is what's really insane. He turns towards his dugout to celebrate at the start before side-stepping down the line while shouting and gesturing towards the visiting dugout. Talk about energy; Castro brought it. That's for sure.

He stops before rounding third to slow down, smack his chest and address the fans once more. After that, the celebration ensues, and he gets mobbed by his teammates as he crosses home plate. It was quite the trip around the bases, and the opposing team did not take too kindly to it.

If you watch closely, you'll see one of the Lions of Caracas players gesturing to the opposing team to just stay in their dugout or on that side of the field before he joins in the mob of celebration. Right after that, if you watch the right side of the screen, you'll see a couple of Lions of Caracas players talking with the opposing catcher. Things ultimately end in a hug between a couple of players, but Castro's antics appear to have ruffled some feathers.

Then again, some fans who have seen this video likely think it's a complete mockery and are completely against it. While the direct taunting of the other team's dugout is a bit excessive, playing with some flare and showing some energy surely has a place in today's game.

While that's my opinion, and a mass of the baseball population disagrees, it's just an argument that neither side will win. It's quite the video, and Castro hit an amazing home run here.

It's even better with the Moneyball music looped in...

Congratulations to the Lions from Caracas and Harold Castro on their victory in the Venezuelan Winter League. Unfortunately, as the team heads into the Caribbean series, Castro will be absent as he heads back to the United States to join the Colorado Rockies in preparation for the 2023 season.

He may not be with the Tigers anymore, but this home run and jog around the bases surely make for an electric video.

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