Former Detroit Tigers outfielder Victor Reyes lands contract overseas

Former Detroit Tigers outfielder Victor Reyes signs in Korea.
Sep 19, 2022; Baltimore, Maryland, USA;  Detroit Tigers right fielder Victor Reyes (22) walks to the plate.
Sep 19, 2022; Baltimore, Maryland, USA; Detroit Tigers right fielder Victor Reyes (22) walks to the plate. / Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Former Detroit Tigers outfielder Victor Reyes finds a new home.

The Detroit Tigers fans may not be worried about what Victor Reyes is up to these days, but I know that, somewhere, Jed (@TigersJUK on X, formerly Twitter) will appreciate this article. Former Tigers outfielder Victor Reyes has found a new home to play baseball, and not within the American League (AL) Central.

While the Detroit Tigers may not be in the market for a player like Victor Reyes, the former outfielder has found himself a new home, signing a deal to play overseas in Korea. According to the new deal, Reyes will play for the Lotte Giants of the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) overseas.

Reyes logged his last big-league plate appearance in 2022 for the Tigers organization. He signed with the Chicago White Sox but never saw the light of day in the bigs. He ended up in the minors and was granted free agency by the White Sox in November, and the latest reports suggest that he has a deal to play overseas.

His last performance in the big leagues included the 2022 campaign, where he cracked the lineup in 92 games, logging 336 plate appearances. He slashed .254/.289/.362 with 19 doubles, three triples, and three home runs. He drove in 34 runs and patrolled the outfield for Detroit.

Reyes may not have been a standout player or the hero of the Tigers outfield, but I know Jed had to be a bit upset when Reyes headed for greener pastures after 2022. However, I'm not sure you can describe the White Sox as greener pastures, but he did head into free agency after the 2022 season.

But Reyes was pretty much a mainstay in the Tigers outfield from 2018 to 2022. Over five seasons in Detroit, Reyes left his mark in the outfield. He was a former Rule 5 Draftee who found a way to continue carving out playing time in Detroit. He saw some of the Tigers' worst seasons of this rebuild and was one of the players who was "consistent" as called upon.

While Reyes may not be someone many fans recall or think of often after his departure, he certainly had a big role with Detroit while he was here. He was a switch-hitting outfielder who, at one point, was patrolling centerfield and finding ways to be effective for the Tigers. He got the job done, given the circumstances.

The Tigers may be a much different team than the ones that Reyes was a part of, but the Tigers certainly needed Reyes when he was with the team. Detroit may not be in a spot where they need Reyes around anymore, but Reyes has a new home to play ball—best of luck to Reyes as he continues his career overseas in the KBO.

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