Leaked Tigers City Connect apparel reveal a wild new color scheme for Detroit

Tampa Bay Rays v Detroit Tigers
Tampa Bay Rays v Detroit Tigers / Dave Reginek/GettyImages

The Detroit Tigers' primary home uniform has stayed pretty much the same over the team's entire 123-year history. The navy D was introduced in 1903, the Old English D in 1904, and the piping down the center was added in 1925. Pinstripes were incorporated for a time, and a few alternates were introduced with some of the scariest cartoon Tigers you've ever seen, but for the most part, the Tigers have stayed true to their roots.

However, Nike announced ahead of Opening Day that the Tigers would be one of nine teams to be getting City Connect jerseys, their series of alternates meant to pay homage to each teams' home.

Since City Connects started rolling out in 2021, they've been divisive, to say the least, and fans getting new ones have started holding their breaths before the reveals. The Tigers will officially debut theirs on May 10, with merchandise available on May 6, but some eagle-eyed jersey watchers have already found the caps and socks, which feature a new bright blue on the Tigers' usual navy.

Leaked Tigers City Connect caps, socks feature a brand new color scheme ahead of May 10 debut

The caps, originally found by the same fan who leaked the Mets' City Connect cap, keep things simple, with "Detroit" in large white font on what appears to be navy. However, the devil's in the details, and on the right side are a series of numbers to reflect the founding year and the team's four World Series championship seasons. On the underside of the brim is a bright blue tiger, which also features on the socks. The socks also have tiger stripes along the sides in the same blue.

The Tigers' away orange does give them some pop, but this particular new shade of blue is definitely a statement for a team that's mostly stuck to tradition in recent history. The team is currently on the road for two series against the Yankees and Guardians, and will wear them on-field when they return home next Friday for a three-game set against the Astros.