Mark Canha trade is a good start, but Detroit Tigers need more

The Mark Canha trade cannot be the biggest move for the Detroit Tigers this offseason.
Wild Card Series - Arizona Diamondbacks v Milwaukee Brewers - Game Two
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The Detroit Tigers made their first move of the offseason when they acquired Mark Canha from the Milwaukee Brewers on Saturday. The Tigers will be picking up his $11.5 million club option as part of the trade.

If the Tigers really want to dominate the strike zone, this is a guy they should want in their lineup. He has a career .349 OBP and a career walk rate of almost 10%. The guy is going to get on base and doesn't chase out of the strike zone.

Yes, he's going to be 35 years old next year, but nothing in any of his numbers suggest a sharp decline is coming. Even if he does start to decline, the Tigers will only have him for one year.

Mark Canha is a good player. The Tigers need more good players. I personally see nothing wrong with this move. But it can't be the headliner for this offseason. The Tigers need to do more.

Canha is a great complimentary piece on a good team, and probably going to get 350-400 at-bats next year. But he shouldn't be one of your best players.

The Tigers need to make three or four more additions to the lineup in addition the Canha. This could be done through either free agency or trade. The fact that the Tigers are willing to take on Canha's option in a trade is a good sign for how they will manage the payroll this offseason.

Colt Keith could be one addition that comes from within, so that should help. Justyn-Henry Malloy could be another, but he's not quite the prospect that Keith. So you're looking at probably three more additions to make here.

One of those moves should be a splash. It would be nice to see the Tigers get one big time bat to add to the core of Greene, Tork, and Carpenter. There's already rumors that they are going to be in on some of the talent coming from overseas, which is exciting.

Making a splash trade would be awesome. If they could add a big bat, or even a good starting pitcher through a trade, it would prove that the Tigers are committed to winning in 2024.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: the Tigers have a golden opportunity to take control of the American League Central next season. They've already made a move, and it's a good start. But they need more. The next month or so — from now through the Winter Meetings — will be very telling as to how they will go about this offseason.

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