MLB Trade Rumors predicts these 7 top 50 free agents could sign with Tigers

MLB Trade Rumors has the Tigers being in one 7 of their top 50 free agents this winter.
Division Series - Houston Astros v Minnesota Twins - Game Three
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Gio Urshela

Moving on to position players, Gio Urshela would be an interesting add. He's a third baseman, something the Tigers really need. He broke out with the Yankees in 2019 with a 132 wRC+ and 2.8 fWAR. He's been a solid utility infiender ever since.

In 2022 with the Twins, he had a 119 wRC+, proving that he can still be an above average hitter, but last year the injury bug got him. He played just 62 games for the Angels after fracturing his pelvis. Ouch.

What was concerning is the dip in power production. He's never really been more than a slightly above average power hitter outside of 2019, but last year was sub-Matt Vierling levels of power.

Still, the contact skills are still there, as he hit .299. The Tigers believe in acquiring players they can optimize, and Urshela could definitely be a player the Tigers could look to improve.

His high contact rates and low whiff and strikeout rates could make him appealing to them. And at a projected two years, $20 million, you could do worse.

Amed Rosario

This one is a bit of a head-scratcher. Rosario is a former top prospect that never really panned out. He came up with the Mets, then was traded to Cleveland as part of the Francisco Lindor deal. He almost never walks, but doesn't strikeout much either. He makes a lot of contact, but doesn't hit for much power.

He's never had a wRC+ higher than 105 across part of seven seasons. His WAR has been in the low to mid 2s in the past because he plays solid defense. He can play the infield or the outfield.

The Tigers have plenty of utility players. They already have one Matt Vierling, they don't need another...dang, that's the second stray bullet Matt Vierling has caught in this one. Maybe I should lay off the guy.

Anyway, hard pass on Rosario, especially on a two-year deal.

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