Motor City Bengals Detroit Tigers top 30 prospects: Introduction

Detroit Tigers prospects catcher Dillon Dingler and pitcher Jackson Jobe talk during minor-league
Detroit Tigers prospects catcher Dillon Dingler and pitcher Jackson Jobe talk during minor-league / Kirthmon F. Dozier / USA TODAY NETWORK

This month, Motor City Bengals will begin rolling out its top 30 Detroit Tigers prospects

Every baseball media outlet has begun rolling out its top prospects lists for the 2023 MLB season. This month, we figured we might as well join them.

All throughout the month of February, we here at Motor City Bengals will be rolling out our top 30 Detroit Tigers prospects. This is something we've been looking forward to all offseason, and we hope you will enjoy it.

The bottom 10 prospects—No. 21-30—will be released over two days, going over five prospects per story. The rest will be revealed with one prospect profile per day all througout the rest of the month.
Former Motor City Bengals Co-Experts Rogelio Castillo and Chris Brown did this last winter, and you can expect a similar format this time around.

This year, fellow Site Expert Tyler Kotila and contributor Jake Boes will be doing most of the heavy lifting, with myself popping in here and there. Tyler and Jake both have experience in the scouting and prospect evalutation world, with Tyler being a scout for Perfect Game and Jake having done work for Prospects Live in the past. They will both provide great expertise and different perspectives that will make for some interesting profiles.

How we came up with these rankings is pretty simple. The three of us put together our own top 30 lists, and we averaged them out to get our official list. There were some definite similarities, but there were a few stark differences as well.

When we were going through our lists, a couple of things became apparent. First off, the top half of the Tigers' farm system is pretty solid. Most of the heavy hitters are least a year away from reaching the majors, but there's still more than meets the eye.

But beyond that, the system still lacks depth overall. It was tough sleding putting together the botton half of this list. That being said, having 15 or so prospects that could make an impact at the big league level is pretty darn good when you think about it.

All the action starts tomorrow with No. 26-30 in our rankings. February is going to be a pretty fun month here at MCB, and we hope you will come along for the ride.

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