Ranking the best mustaches on the Detroit Tigers

Detroit Tigers Photo Day
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4. OF Riley Greene

Riley Greene
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Riley Greene was clean shaven when the Tigers drafted him in 2019, and stayed that way in summer camp in 2020. 2021 was more of the same. Last year, he started growing a beard, and it looked pretty solid.

But recently, he shaved his beard and kept the facial hair above his lip, which obviously gave him a mustache. He was asked about it by a few beat reporters last week, to which he replied, "don't worry about it."

Maybe Greene thinks the stache will help him break out of his early-season slump. He has gotten off to a slow start, rolling a ton of balls over and striking out a ton. It could be a superstition thing for him.

But I have to admit...it looks pretty corny on him. It just doesn't look natural for him. Other guys are just able to pull it off. Greene? He's just not that guy.

Riley Greene is a good looking dude. I'm not sure why he'd want to ruin his complexion with a mustache like that. He ranks fourth in our Tigers player mustache rankings.