Tigers: 3 players who should have got the All-Star nod over Michael Lorenzen

Michael Lorenzen will represent the Detroit Tigers in the 2023 MLB All-Star game, but should he?
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3. C Jake Rogers

This might seem like an odd pick at first, but when you take a closer look at Rogers' numbers, you realize he's been much better than you would expect.

Rogers is hitting .203. Other than maybe Joey Gallo, that won't get you anywhere close to the All-Star game. But he's hit 11 home runs, has a .473 slugging percentage, and a whopping .270 ISO. His hard-hit rate of 46.1% is fourth in all of baseball among players with at least 170 plate appearances. His barrel rate of 16.9% is 15th in baseball, one spot ahead of Mike Trout.

Sure, he strikes out about 35% of the time, which is pretty awful. But when he walks at a 12% clip, crushes the ball when he does make contact, hits for power, and on top of that, plays stellar defense behind the plate, you can live with the strikeouts.

Add that all up, and you get a 1.8 fWAR, which is tied for second in the AL with Adley Rutschman...in half the plate appeances. That's how good Jake Rogers has been this season.

In fact, the lack of consistent playing time is likely what has cost Rogers a spot in the All-Star game. He just recently starting playing more than Eric Haase, who has struggled mightily this season.

He should have got the nod over Salvador Perez of the Royals, who's skills behind the dish have dimished quite a bit this season. He only has a 0.4 fWAR this year, despite another solid showing offensively.

Jake Rogers may not be a flashy name that everyone knows, but nobody on this team is. The fact of that matter is he's had a great season so far, and should have been recognized

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