Top 5 home runs of Miguel Cabrera's career with the Detroit Tigers

It's time to rank Miguel Cabrera's best home runs as a Tiger.
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As Miggy Month enters its second half, we're going to start getting into the nitty-gritty. With Miguel Cabrera's career coming to an end in about two weeks, it's time start the countdown...or in our case, countdowns.

Cabrera's Tigers career has lasted 16 seasons, with 372 of his 510 homers coming in a Detroit Tigers uniform. Our mission today will be to find the five most memorable ones.

Now, there will most likely be some overlap between this list, and future lists the rest of the month. It's inevitable with how many home runs Miggy has hit, and how long he's played. Our apologies in advance.

With that out of the way, let us begin.

Here are the top 5 home runs of Miguel Cabrera's Tigers career

5. April 1, 2021 — Home run in the snow on Opening Day

The first of two later-career Miggy homers to appear on this list, this home run was mesmerizing simply because of the conditions. It's basically a blizzard at Comerica Park back on Opening Day of the 2021 season.

Nobody can see a thing. I'm shocked Miggy could even see the ball as it was pitched by Cleveland starter Shane Bieber. But clearly he saw it well enough to drive it just over the wall in right field.

Not only was this is the first home run of the 2021 season for any team, it was his 350th as a Tiger. You could see the snow and wind pick up as the at-bat went on.

The fact that Miggy wasn't sure if it was a homer or not speaks to how low the visibility was. Again, how could he have possibly seen the ball come out of the pitcher's hands in these conditions?

This is easily the most memorable home run of the past few years for Miggy, outside of one more you'll be able to relive later on.