Top 5 home runs of Miguel Cabrera's career with the Detroit Tigers

It's time to rank Miguel Cabrera's best home runs as a Tiger.
Detroit Tigers v Los Angeles Angels
Detroit Tigers v Los Angeles Angels / Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages
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4. Aug. 17, 2013 — Walkoff home run vs. Royals

There are a number of walkoff homers we could have chose, but the next two (spoiler alert!) are the clear best. This one in 2013 against Kansas City just felt like it was going to happen the minute we walked up to the plate.

Then, Miggy worked himself a 3-1 count and got a fastball. I mean, what else did Royals' pitcher Aaron Crow expect to happen?

Yeah, two-handing one out to right field sounds about right. I'm surprised they didn't just put him on first base. Miggy was so dominant at this stage of his career. It would have been a smart move.

Mario Impemba's call of "we are not worthy!" was incredibly fitting. We were seeing something that we hadn't seen in years. Nobody was as good as Miggy was back in 2013.