Top 5 home runs of Miguel Cabrera's career with the Detroit Tigers

It's time to rank Miguel Cabrera's best home runs as a Tiger.
Detroit Tigers v Los Angeles Angels
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1. Aug. 9, 2013 — Home run off Mariano Rivera on one leg

It wasn't a milestone. It wasn't a playoff game. It wasn't even a walk-off. Heck, it wasn't even a game the Tigers won. But dang, if this homer wasn't memorable.

Let's set the scene for those who either aren't familiar with this one, or don't remember it. The Tigers are down 3-1 in the ninth inning against the Yankees in New York. There are two outs, and Miggy is coming up to the dish to face the best closer ever in Mariano Rivera.

There's a runner on second, so Miggy represents the tying run. He pops the first pitch up, but it goes foul and out of play, just out of the reach of Yankees' 1B Lyle Overbay, who almost tracked the ball down. If he makes that play, this home run never happens.

Fast forward a few pitches and it's a 1-2 count. Miggy swings and fouls a pitch off his knee. Jim Leyland and trainer Kevin Rand came out to check on him. He was clearly in pain. But he stayed in the game.

Three pitches later, in a 2-2 count, he did the unthinkable.

Rivera just floated that trademark cutter of his over the middle, and Miggy made him pay for it, even on one leg. Just an amazing end to an outstanding matchup.

The Yanks would get the last laugh, winning 4-3 in 10 innings, but this home run still stands as Miggy's most memorable homer. Fans, both Tigers fans and baseball fans in general, still talk about this bomb.

Some people may disagree with this being No. 1 over the 500th, but for our money, this is Miguel Cabrera's most memorable home run.

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