What if the Detroit Tigers are done making moves?

Detroit Tigers v Seattle Mariners
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In the bullpen:

Gregory Soto, Alex Lange, Jose Cisnero, Will Vest, Jason Foley, Rony Garcia, Mason Englert, Tyler Alexander


Brendan White, Angel De Jesus, Sean Guenther, Austin Bergner

State of the bullpen:

Like the rotation, the bullpen should be able to sustain itself if they were to leave it alone, even considering the loss of setup men Andrew Chafin and Joe Jimenez. Gregory Soto and Alex Lange have both been excellent in their respective leverage roles, although I don't think Soto is a traditional closer on a competitive team.

Even so, the emergence of Vest and Foley have given the bullpen some length to bridge the gap and Garcia, Englert, and Alexander would all be capable of multiple innings. It would be nice to have Chafin back as a left-handed, late-inning option, but that is nitpicking.

I lobbied for the Tigers to acquire a legitimate closer to unseat Soto this winter but it doesn't appear that will happen, which isn't the worst thing. Relievers are the most volatile position group and their financial resources can probably be better allocated elsewhere. While I wouldn't go as far to say the bullpen is a strength as it was last year, it would be fine to begin 2023.