What would a successful 2023 season for the Detroit Tigers look like?

Detroit Tigers v Baltimore Orioles
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What would have to happen for the 2023 Detroit Tigers' season to be deemed a success?

The losing streak for the Detroit Tigers has to come to an end at some point. The Tigers organization has made front-office moves that were bound to shake up the organization. But it has not. The pack of moves has the Tigers hoping things will turn around. Will they?

The Detroit Tigers have often found themselves in the basement of the standings for awhile now. Every year, the fans have hope that something will change, yet the ending result does not change. Some may think president of baseball operations Scott Harris has made some improvements, while others think he has not. Are those small changes enough to improve their place in the standings?

For years, Tigers fans hoped for a World Series title. Then maybe a division title. Then maybe a wild card. Some fans hope the Detroit Tigers are just competitive. Some fans want the team to get back to the World Series and see glory brought back to the city of Detroit. With the way things have gone recently, what are your realistic expectations for the 2023 Detroit Tigers?

Would a .500 record for the Tigers be a successful season? The Detroit Tigers have not finished at or above .500 since the 2016 MLB season. Things would have to go exactly right for this Tigers team to have a chance at a wild card. The Tigers may actually benefit from going .500 and then building on that in the off-season. The .500 record could also give the team, organization, and fans a new light and hope that this team is in fact headed in the right direction. If this does occur, president of baseball operations Scott Harris has to spend the next offseason to continue what could be an impressive feat.

Could a successful season be just about developing young talent and not worrying about the record? The record may not be impressive but seeing Spencer Torkelson and Riley Greene take that next step in their MLB career would be nice to see. The better these young players get with experience and development, the better the Tigers will be as a whole.

The Detroit Tigers 2023 roster should see some young players throughout the season, so this would be a great time for them to start developing young players more. Torkelson and Greene have shown signs of greatness and the ability to play good ball so another season with the Tigers should help them along greatly.

Or would a successful season be fighting for a wild card? The Tigers could surprise some people in the beginning, utilizing new acquisitions and young players to give the Detroit Tigers some new energy. If that does in fact happen, Harris could acquire a bat or an arm to put them further up in the standings, maybe fighting for a wild card spot. Again, things would have to go exactly right for this to happen. Stranger things have happened in Major League Baseball.

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