Who are the last 5 Tigers players to have 100 RBI in a single season?

It's been a while since the Detroit Tigers had a hitter productive enough to drive in 100 runs in a single season.
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5. Prince Fielder, 2013 (106)

For whatever reason, Prince Fielder is not looked back upon fondly by Tigers fans. He signed a nine-year deal with the Tigers before the 2012 season, and he produced.

In that 2012 season, he hit 30 home runs, had a 153 wRC+, put up a 5-WAR season, and walked more than he struck out. He was a perfect complement to Miguel Cabrera in the lineup.

His production did dip a bit in 2013, but he still hit 25 homers and had a 126 wRC+. He would be traded to the Rangers for Ian Kinsler that offseason, but Tigers fans still do not like him to this day.

Maybe it's the fact that they had to give him a $6.9 million check for several years as part of the trade to Texas, but that's not exactly his fault. He had two good seasons here, including one great one.

He also succumbed to the injury bug a couple years after he was traded to Texas, so the Tigers dodged a bullet there. But again, not entirely his fault.

Did the Prince Fielder contract age well in hindsight? No. But again, he was productive while he was here. I would have rather had him for those two years than not have him at all.

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