Getting to Know the Washington Nationals


(note: This is a guest post offered up by Teddy Never Wins site lead Jeremy Stewart. Since we don’t get to see many National League teams in Detroit, Jeremy has been gracious enough to give us an introduction to the Washington Nationals. To complete the trade, we sent a Tigers introduction to Jeremy.)

By Jeremy Stewart

Pitching Probables:
Tuesday – John Lannan (2-3,5.00) Last years ”ace” struggled with elbow discomfort early in the season, missed a start, came back and has been an okay 5-6 inning pitcher in his last few starts.

Wednesday – Livan Hernandez (5-3,2.28) Big Livan just keeps getting people out through some sort of Jedi mind trick. Pitches mostly between 65-80mph. Will throw a lot of pitches and work fast.

Thursday – Luis Atilano (5-3, 4.34) Atilano will nibble the hell out of out the strike zone, give up a ton of contact, and most of the time has somehow left with the lead.

Hot: Adam Dunn – Most baseball fans know the guys name, infamous for his high homers and high number of Ks. Recently Dunns been attacking the baseball more, hitting .371 with 4 homers over his last 9 games.

Not: Nyjer Morgan – The would-be lead off guy has been dropped to the #2 slot in the order on most days and may be held up on the basepaths soon enough.

Name to Remember: Josh Willingham – The lesser known of the 3 Nats sluggers, Willingham is having a breakout year in left. The Hammer has had 12 homers, and has been among the league leaders in OBP.