Everyone Has an Opinion About Trade Deadline Time

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One fun thing about the approaching MLB non-waiver trade deadline is that it gives every fan a chance to play general manager. Sports talk radio, baseball message boards, and blogs are filled with suggestions that range from definitely solid to downright silly.

Call to the Pen, the fansided network’s MLB blog, recently asked all the site leads and willing contributors to submit an article stating what they would do if they held the power to make moves for their team. The responses are coming out in a series of posts grouped by division.  We’re still waiting for a few division to reveal their plans but responses from the NL West, AL Central, NL East, and AL East are ready for reading!

I’d like to think the responses featured in the Call to the Pen posts fall closer to “solid” on the scale I mentioned earlier. Continue reading for some trade talk I have come across on the web and the radio from fans that highlights the downright silly side.