Drawing Player Comparisons For Will Rhymes

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Nearly a month ago I wrote a post full of player comparisons for Brennan Boesch. It proved to be an interesting exercise and generated some discussion. I’m back this month with a similar post with Will Rhymes serving as our target subject.

As with my previous post, I will draw comparisons to players at levels I call “Hall of Fame”, “Solid Major Leaguer” and “Role Player”. It is important to remember that my intention is not to put together any sort of career projection, rather to draw comparisons to known player that our subject could become like or has some similar traits to.

Here we go…

Hall of Fame Comparison: Nellie Fox

I have to be honest, it wasn’t easy coming up with a Hall of Fame comparison for Will Rhymes. That isn’t a slam on Will, there just aren’t many second basemen in the hall to being with and at least half of the guys that did make it were proficient base-stealers or have power numbers that exceed what can be expected from Rhymes. Will was able to swipe some bases as a minor leaguer but didn’t have one in his 54 games as a Tiger.

Nellie Fox was a career .288 hitter and hit only 35 home runs in over 9,000 career at bats but he won three Gold Gloves and put up a .984 career fielding percentage as a second baseman, the same as Will Rhymes in 2010.

Nellie Fox may have only been 5′-9″ and 150 lbs and lacked elite statistics but he is in the Hall of Fame.