Drawing Player Comparisons For Will Rhymes

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Role Player Comparison: Jamey Carroll

Like Will Rhymes, Jamey Carroll made his major league debut a bit later than is typically the case. Rhymes broke in at the age of 27 while Carroll got his first crack at 28.

Both players check in at 5’7″ with Carroll having a 15 pound advantage over Rhymes, probably attributed to the nine years Jamey has over Will.

Jamey Carroll has found his niche in the big leagues as a dependable guy the manager can turn to in a pinch. It is quite possible that this dependability has been undervalued during his career as he has bounced between four organizations since his debut in 2002.

Carroll’s accomplishments are a function of his grind-it-out attitude rather than his physical gifts, much like we saw this past season from Will Rhymes. The two share similar offensive profiles as slap hitters that won’t find the seat too often. Carroll has averaged one home run for every 210 at-bats for his career while Rhymes has hit just one in his 191 at-bats. Will Rhymes will have a place in this league if he can turn out like Jamey Carroll.