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Cabrera to Meet with Doctors Next Week


Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera has not yet reported to camp in Lakeland. Today is the first full squad workout, but the Tigers squad won’t be full for several more days at least.

General Manager Dave Dombrowski spoke today and gave a few more details, as he’s heard them, about the vents of Wednesday evening that lead to the arrest of the Tigers star player. Cabrera was said to be en route to Lakeland in his Land Rover when the radiator blew on the vehicle. His cell phone was apparently not working, so Cabrera waited for help to arrive. What happened between the time the radiator went out and the time police arrived on the scene is still unknown, but Cabrera either began drinking, or continued to do so. He was charged with DUI and two counts of resisting arrest without violence.

Cabrera wants to be in camp, no question about that. He won’t be there until at least the middle of next week, perhaps longer. Dombrowski said that Cabrera will meet with doctors to discuss his alcohol issues “at the beginning of next week.” From there, the Tigers and Cabrera will have a better idea on the path to take to help Cabrera regain control of his drinking habits.

“He’s cooperative and realizes he’s fallen off his (alcohol) program,” Dombrowski said.” He will do what’s necessary to get back on track. But I will also say he’s extremely down. He’s as down as he can be. He feels terrible.”

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