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Scot Drucker was drafted by the Oakland Athletics in the 13th round of the 2004 MLB June Amateur Draft. In six seasons of professional baseball Drucker is 40-22 with a 4.45 ERA. After a successful stint in 2008 with the Grand Prairie AirHogs-American Association of Independent Baseball League-The Detroit Tigers signed Drucker to a minor league deal. The last two seasons he has pitched for the AAA-Toledo MudHens.

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JAYRC: Who had the biggest influence on your baseball career?

Scot Drucker: My parents are probably my biggest influence in my career. They helped get me into private schools in high school to play against better competition to elevate my game. I owe a lot to them for their continued support and allowing me to succeed in my sport.

JAYRC: Have you had any favorite coaches or mentors along the way?

Scot Drucker: I have been around many great coaches in my career. I have had Craig Lefferts, Pete Incaviglia, and Larry Parrish just to name a few. Its always fun to pick the brains of your coaches to learn more about the game and their careers and situations. AJ Sager and Scott Emerson (AAA Athletics) have probably been the biggest help throughout my career. They are what many call “player-coaches”. They are young and can relate to what we go through during a season. They also cover the mental part of the game which is very important.

JAYRC: You were born in Miami, and attended both University of Florida and University of Tennessee. Gators and Volunteers typically don’t get along very well. Can you explain why you chose to transfer to the rival school?

Scot Drucker: I transferred from UF after the Fall of 2002 because I was looking for a place to get some more playing time. I enjoyed the competition and fanfare of the SEC so I decided to stay in conference and transfer to UT. I had to sit out a season, but think it helped me. I learned a lot about myself and the game of baseball from having to watch the games. It was a tough transition at first because of the big rivalry, but Im a Miami Hurricanes fan so there were no hard feelings.

JAYRC: You’ve played baseball in several leagues in many different cities, states and countries. What has been your favorite city to play in and why?

Scot Drucker: Playing all over the US and many countries has been a great part of my career. Being able to see parts of the country I would probably never go to on my own really opens your eyes. I really enjoyed my time in Vancouver my first year when I got drafted. It was a beautiful area during the summer season. Also playing in the International League has a ton of great cities, especially our division. You can’t beat Toledo, Indy, Columbus, and Louisville.

JAYRC: Who was your favorite baseball player growing up?

Scot Drucker: My favorite baseball player growing up was Ken Griffey Jr. I remember trying to collect all of his rookie cards and my mother was a fan of his father. He was just a lot of fun to watch and at his age he could do it all. Also he never seemed to ever get caught up in any of the steroid or PED scandals.

JAYRC: Did you model yourself after any of your favorite pitchers?

Scot Drucker: I remember at a young age I would try to pitch like Luis Tiant. I would have a big turn with my body and leg trying to create deception and power from my legs. I also enjoyed any Marlins pitchers, such as Kevin Brown or Rob Nen.

JAYRC: Give us a brief scouting report. What’s in your repertoire?

Scot Drucker: Scouting report  6’1 200lb RHP  Low 3/4 arm slot, 88-92 Fb, CB, CH, SL Pitches to contact, limits walks, hybrid pitcher can be a reliever or starter.

JAYRC: What are some of the things away from the game that you like to do for fun?

Scot Drucker: Away from the game I enjoy collecting rare Nike Sneakers. I have a fairly large collection at home. I also love all types of music and love keeping up with the latest gizmos and gadgets that are out. My Slingbox has been my best purchase since starting pro ball. Being able to watch my TV from home anywhere in the world is a lot of fun.

JAYRC: What are five songs or albums that you’re currently listening to on your iPod?

Scot Drucker: On my iPod I have a plethora of all genres of music. I used to DJ in the off season, so I have a huge collection of music. I actually worked Chase Headley’s (Padres) wedding and was going to do Daniel Schlereth’s but I had to play winter ball. Right now Ive been listening to Wiz Khalifa-Roll Up, Duck Sauce-Barbara Streisand, Atomic Tangerine-The Chase, Don Omar-Danza Kuduro and Swedish House Mafia-One.

JAYRC: Outside of baseball do you follow any sports?

Scot Drucker: Outside of baseball I love any Miami sports teams. Of course the Heat, Dolphins, Marlins, and Hurricanes. Hopefully the Big 3 will pull it out in the playoffs and shut the critics up. The new Marlins stadium is coming along real nicely and Im excited to check it out next season.

JAYRC: You are a very approachable person and often chat with fans through your blog and twitter. Many have even had the opportunity to play words with friends with you. Most athletes choose to distance themselves from us fans, and that’s okay. Why do you choose to be so sociable?

Scot Drucker: I’ve always been very appreciative of my opportunity to be able to play baseball professionally. A couple years ago I had surgery on my arm and I didn’t know how or if I was going to make it back to pro ball. I worked real hard and made it a goal of mine to always push yourself because you never know when the game can be taken from you. Because of this I feel it is only fair to do everything right on and off the field. Giving back to the fans whether it be autographs or a quick conversation before the game can mean a lot to someone. Also the social world has allowed me to show the fans some behind the scenes of our lives during the season. Hopefully they are enjoying it. Be sure to follow me on twitter and my blog. I love hearing feedback and answering questions.

A special thanks to Scot Drucker for taking the time out of his busy day to answer my questions. To go through what he’s been through it’s obvious that he has a true love for the game. I wish him the best of luck this upcoming season and on his journey to the show. Be sure to follow Scot on twitter @Utbaseball30 and on his blog @

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