Playing Baseball in the Snow is Pure Michigan


Those of us on the west side of the state of Michigan were “treated” to fresh snow this morning. But apparently that isn’t stopping the West Michigan Whitecaps (the Tigers single-A affiliate) from preparing for tonight’s scheduled game.

Here’s a picture of the initial state of the field from the Whitecaps’ official Twitter account this afternoon:

(click on the preview image to see the picture)

And then, after a couple hours of work, they were able to remove the tarp, and the infield was revealed. It looks pretty good too.

Hopefully they can clear the snow enough get the game in. It’s currently only 35 degrees right now, but it is supposed to get up into the low 40’s by game time. I’m not expecting a large fan turnout for this one. Perhaps they’ll give out more of those knit caps that they gave away on opening day (when we had 80 degree temperatures).