Pittsburgh Pirates Can’t Beat MLB Teams, Take On Bar Owner Instead


I found this story to be quite amusing.

No other MLB team has lost as many games as the Pittsburgh Pirates, tonight’s opponent, have since 1992, and apparently that’s a touchy subject.

A local Pittsburgh bar named the “Stroll Inn” began advertising a promotion in which the price of a pitcher of beer would be discounted by five cents every time the hometown team lost. Members of the Pirates organization got wind of the promotion and attempted to organize a boycott of the establishment.

The story ends with the president of the team contacting the bar owner, looking like a big bully, and providing more free advertising than the bar probably initially imagined.

Check out “the rest of the story” in the links below.

I first saw this story come across on Hardball Talk. Here’s Craig Calcaterra’s take:

Yahoo Sports went even more in-depth with the silliness of the entire situation:

And here’s the original story from WTAE in Pittsburgh:

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