Rapid Reactions: Taylor Swift Sucks, Detroit Tigers Don’t


Tigers 8, Mariners 1 (box score)

Matt and I went to the game tonight which meant we had to deal with the increased traffic, understaffed eateries and general annoyance that came along with a Taylor Swift concert at Ford Field scheduled for the same night as a baseball game.

It was nice to see the good Max Scherzer return.  From my view from section 148 it seemed like he found success with the changeup and limiting walks was a key. I’ll take more of what we saw tonight.

The patience Alex Avila found between last season and this season is one of the reasons he is finding more success. He saw a game-high 21 pitches tonight, three more than Don Kelly despite one fewer at bat.

It was nice of the Comerica Park staff to put on a fireworks display in honor of the Tigers catching the Indians for first place!

Jhonny Peralta’s home run was particularly enjoyable since it was coming right at us. The camera man apparently followed the path of the ball up to row D. I’m in the Tigers jersey, Matt is on my left (your right). I turned to high-five the third member of our party although he had already left his seat to get to the railing. Talk about getting left hanging!

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