Marlins Interested in Brandon Inge?


Joe Frisaro of’s On the Beat is reporting this afternnon that the Florida Marlins have interest in Brandon Inge. Well, that’s the title of his piece, anyway, but the body doesn’t cite any sources indicating an actual interest, only that the club is looking for a veteran third baseman and Inge is a guy they’re “looking at.”

The important thing to remember about Inge and his currently DFA’d status is that during this waiver period, which ends on Monday, any club can put a claim on him. If that were to happen, the two teams would have to either work out a trade, or Inge could been handed over to the claiming club. Because Inge is a 10-and-5 player, however, he does hold the right to refuse the waiver claim, just as he could veto any trade.

Inge has already committed to accepting a minor league assignment, so one would expect that on the off chance that the Marlins or anyone else would claim him, he would simply reject the claim and report to the Mud Hens.

Of course, nothing is guaranteed, but that’s what likely would happen, you know, just in case this weird scenario actually took place.

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