Just Wanted To Point Something Out…


Scott Sizemore is looking pretty good for the A’s.

So… how about that David Purcey?

We’ve all seen Purcey’s inability to throw strikes and get outs and we’re all glad that he’s down in AAA and glad that the Tigers bullpen (that he was brought on board to rescue) seems to have fixed itself with much-improved performances from Perry and Schlereth, and of course 3rd relief ace Phil Coke. The fact remains that Purcey, while he could conceivably do something of value down the line is looking very much like a dud.

At second base, we have a team that can’t stomach Ryan Raburn‘s glove (though he’s hitting at last), can’t keep Carlos Guillen off the DL and won’t stoop so low as to bring back Rhymes and/or Danny Worth for regular play. Sooo…. second base still seems like an open sore, really the one unquestionably weak spot on the Tigers roster.

Coulda’ used that Scott Sizemore these past few months: since finding himself resurrected as an A, Scotty Size has put up a .350 on-base percentage and a .437 slugging percentage while adding almost a win-and-a-half to an A’s team that is frankly much worse than I had expected.