Relaying Tweets Third-Hand, Some Mysteries Revealed


All I’m doing here is relaying information relayed on MLBTR from’s Jason Beck and John Lowe of the Detroit Free Press via Twitter.

1. Delmon Young’s option will be picked up and he will be the starting left fielder next year
2. The team is looking for a backup catcher to make VMart the full-time DH
3. The Tigers will not under any circumstances make a play for Jose Reyes
4. The team is looking to sign a lower-tier veteran to compete for the 5th spot in the rotation in spring training with the team’s prospects
5. The Tigers would like to sign Zumaya to a minor-league deal

Make of these nuggets what you will, but it doesn’t look very likely that the Tigers will be chasing Jonathan Sanchez or Carlos Beltran – however we in the blogosphere might feel.