Links To Free Agent And Trade Possibilities


Over the past month plus, Motor City Bengals has barraged its readers with a bunch of options via free agency and trades. We have done so, not necessarily because we believe that these things will happen, but rather to provide information about players that could be out there on the market. For the most part, we have provided realistic options, as oppose to just throwing out names like Heath Bell. Bell, was never going to come here, and that was confirmed by him signing with the Marlins this evening. Or at least agreeing to a deal. Hmmm……guess the Marlins are going to be aggressive for real after all.

Anyway, before I get sidetracked on some sort of Heath Bell post, I wanted to bring all of the information that we have provided to one post. Yes, I might not put them all here, simply because that is a ton of work for me, and some of the guys have signed, but I would like to consolidate our work for the reader.

You will see that the free agents are largely filled with pitching candidates, and the trade candidates are focused more on 2B/3B solutions, particularly longer term 2B solutions. I still think those are in play despite the signing of Santiago for two years.

Without further delay, here are the players that we at MCB have looked at thus far. I am sure there may be some more to come……….

Free Agents:

Coco Crisp

Jorge Soler

Octavio Dotel

Mark Buehrle

Aramis Ramirez

Latroy Hawkins

Francisco Cordero– Though Cordero is unlikely, there were several relief options in this article.

Paul Maholm

Yoennis Cespedes

Todd Coffey

Carlos Beltran

Trade Targets:

Adrian Cardenas

Alexi Amarista

Sean Marshall

Stephen Lombardozzi

Emilio Bonifacio

Matt Carpenter

Starling Marte

Eric Young Jr.

Gio Gonzalez

Martin Prado

Logan Morrison

Macier Izturis

Chase Headley

Kyle Seager

Todd Frazier

Neil Walker

Howie Kendrick

Well, that is it for now folks. We had others, some catchers that don’t make sense at this point as the Tigers have signed Gerald Laird. And some guys like Jonathan Sanchez that went to other clubs.

Hopefully putting these links in one post is helpful to those who want to search, and keep looking for more upcoming in the near future.