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Is Jair Jurrjens On The Tiger’s RADAR?


According to Jon Heyman (now at, the Tigers are one of several teams who have expressed interest in acquiring Jair Jurrjens from the Atlanta Braves. I wont go over the history of how Jurrjens wound up in Atlanta (yeah, that trade did not work out so well) but the Tigers could not have a chance to make amends.  Jurrjens is still just 25 years old and, while limited by injuries the past couple of years, is one of the premier pitchers in the National League (when healthy of course).  Atlanta apparently is looking to deal Jurrjens in an attempt to cut costs and add a bit of firepower to their offense.  I am not sure why, if a team is looking to add offense, it would also be willing to move Martin Prado…but I am not a Major League GM either (although I do dabble).

James Schmehl at speculates that the Tigers could be still be looking at Prado in addition to Jurrjens, those killing two birds with one stone (2B/3B and the 5th spot in the rotation).  The Tigers would likely have to empty their farm system to pull off a trade like this, but it could be worth it as Prado just turned 28 and Jurrjens doesn’t turn 26 until the end of January.  While I am one who values prospects highly (or “overvalues” as John Verburg might say) getting two players under 30 – one who is a all-star pitcher – could validate the risk those that those prospects eventually develop into stars themselves.

I doubt anything happens until 2012 on this front, but it is certainly a story to keep an eye on.