The Tigers And Phillies Could Help Each Other Out Maybe?


Word on the street, if that street is MLB Trade Rumors, is that the Philadelphia Phillies are looking for an infielder in the trade market. Given their issues with guys that can’t stay healthy in Placido Polanco and Chase Utley, it has been hypothesized the Phillies would like an infielder who could play multiple roles, especially 2nd and 3rd base.

Hmmm……..I think the Tigers might have someone that could fit that bill. You know who he is. Everyone’s favorite topic of discussion on MLive, and one of the most polarizing Tigers of all time. That’s right. Brandon Inge.

Hey, MLB Trade Rumors shouldn’t be the only website that gets to play the game of rampant trade speculation.

The honest truth of the matter is that I would think it is highly unlikely that the Tigers would deal Brandon Inge. The Tigers have gone way out of their way so far to make it known how ecstatic they are with Brandon and his adaptability to 2nd base. However, they have also mentioned that he is going to need to hit, and judging by what I saw today, he isn’t going to hit. Inge hasn’t been terrible at the plate in the spring, but I wouldn’t say he has been impressive either.

The Tigers could easily use utility man Danny Worth in Inge’s spot on the roster, and likely wouldn’t miss much of a beat. Worth can play 2nd and 3rd well defensively, and as a bonus, can play SS possibly better than anyone on the current roster. He isn’t going to hit much either, but has shown in his brief stints in Detroit he can get a few knocks here and there.

The real issue with me proposing sending Inge to the Phillies is whether or not the Phillies would take him or not. The positives of Inge are simple. He is going to defend well, and he does have the occasional ability to drive a ball out of the yard, especially in Philly. He is also a veteran, so he should be able to fit into that clubhouse, unless he starts telling everyone he should be starting over Chase Utley.

The negative for the Phillies would be that he is expensive for what he gives you, and well, he has troubles hitting. If Utley and Polanco are out for extended periods of time, they are most likely going to search for someone that can provide a little more than just veteran presence and defense.

Obviously, the Tigers would get something in return for Inge. Given their relatively full roster, I don’t want to bother speculating too much. It’s often a futile exercise, and if Philly took on Inge’s salary, I wouldn’t expect much at all. I do know the Phillies have been known to be shopping Joe Blanton, and as a 5th starter, there are worse things out there. I don’t like him as a pitcher though, and just as soon go with what we got.

Regardless of what the Tigers got in return, there could be a potential match here. At the very least, I had a little bit of fun speculating about it.