This will be the final installment of the draft reviews that I have done here on Motor Ci..."/> This will be the final installment of the draft reviews that I have done here on Motor Ci..."/> This will be the final installment of the draft reviews that I have done here on Motor Ci..."/>

2006 Draft Review


This will be the final installment of the draft reviews that I have done here on Motor City Bengals. Part of reviewing drafts is you want to give players time to reach the majors, and some time to see what those do when they do reach the majors. It’s my feeling that from 2007 on we can’t make a good judgment at this point. Heck, even 2006 is kind of quick, but looking at the Tigers draft from that year, I feel like I can make a good judgment there.

Without further delay, let’s take a look at 2006.

1st Round- Andrew Miller

Well, once again we get into that disputed area of what is a good pick or not. I’ve been on record as saying just because a guy was used to get a great player doesn’t make that a good pick, it just means that the GM used that asset for the best means possible. Miller hasn’t been anywhere near the pitcher the Tigers thought they were getting with the 6th pick overall. He has floundered his entire career thus far with poor mechanics equaling poor command. He has had poor mechanics since college, and hasn’t been able to change them in a way that has allowed him to produce. Not a good pick at all, especially considering the money the Tigers dropped on him. To make matters worse, Clayton Kershaw, who the Tigers considered at the time, went to the Dodgers directly behind Miller.

Others selected after: Drew Stubbs, Tim Lincecum, Max Scherzer, Ian Kennedy and Joba Chamberlain

2nd Round- Ronald Borquin

Ugh…..this selection was pretty much a disaster. Borquin was known as a sweet swinging 3B from the Ohio State University. He never really put that sweet swing into action, and had multiple injuries and personal issues. Borquin even got suspended for 50 games after violating the drug policy. Borquin is out of baseball I believe. Brett Anderson, Trevor Cahill, and Justin Masterson all went after Borquin in the 2nd round in 2006.

3rd Round- Brennan Boesch

Another pick that looked pretty rough after the first couple of years, Boesch as we all know has begun to put it together. Well, at least a half season his first two years in the bigs. Right now though, I would say he is beginning to look like a prime breakout candidate and could provide the Tigers with a .280 and 20 homer type season. That is nothing to sneeze at and is really good value for a 3rd rounder. Boesch is 2nd to all players drafted in the 3rd round that year in bWAR with 2.5 accumulated so far. Joe Smith, a reliever tops the list, so Boesch should fly by him. Pitcher Zach Britton of the Orioles was selected after and is really the only other notable guy in that round.

4th Round- Ryan Strieby

Strieby was on track to what looked like a potentially productive bench bat at the major league level, but got sidetracked a couple years ago with a wrist problem. I don’t think that he is ever going to really get much of an opportunity, but who knows? As for the rest of the fourth round in 2006, it was a big miss for everybody.

5th Round- Scott Sizemore

Here he is, another Mr. Controversial on the Tigers. A lot of Tigers fans, me included, didn’t really like dealing Sizemore for David Purcey. Not because Sizemore is great, but because he clearly has more value than a poor relief pitcher. Sizemore went on to have an up and down year for Oakland but pretty much produced a league average year overall last year. But here is a stat for all of his detractors. Sizemore’s bWAR of 1.4 is easily the highest of anyone drafted in that round in 2006. Jeff Samardzija might pass him someday, but we will see.

Other picks of note- Duane Below (19th), Casey Fein (20th)

Anytime you get a couple of guys who have made the major leagues this late, it’s pretty good work. Neither is going to make a huge impact, but Below has the potential to be a solid 5th starter which is good value in the 19th round of course.

2006 was kind of an up and down draft, so I have to give it an up and down grade. It looks like a C to me because Brennan Boesch I suspect will be a solid player for years to come, and if Scott Sizemore heals from his injury well, he could be too. Add Below to that, and it doesn’t look nearly as bad as the Miller and Borquin picks initially make it look.