Jacob Turner To Get First 2012 Start


Jacob Turner is scheduled to take the mound on Monday for the Lakleand Flying Tigers. Turner, who has been out of action since the middle of spring training with what was initially labeled as dead arm, has been somewhat of a mystery man the past couple of weeks. Information has been hard to come by on Turner, and typically when teams are mum on their top prospect, that isn’t a good sign. I personally was hesitant to speculate, but since it’s been a month since he has pitched in game action, one could assume that there is something more to it than just a dead arm.

Still, the fact that Turner is getting a start is good news. Pretty much the consensus top prospect in the Tigers organization, Turner stumbled in the spring when the 5th starters job was pretty much for the taking. His struggles were due in part to a loss of velocity, but there was also trouble with command, leading to the possibility maybe there were some confidence issues as well. The loss of velocity could’ve been the result of aiming.

Whatever the cause for the delay to the Tigers top prospect’s season, it will be interesting to see how well he does.