AFL Wrap: Castellanos Records Two More Hits; Hoffman Shaky In Relief


The Mesa Solar Sox lost yesterday’s game – they’re now 0-2 in Arizona Fall League play – but three Detroit Tigers prospects got into the action. What follows is a look at their respective stat lines. (In parenthesis next to the player name is their running AFL totals.)

Nick Castellanos (10 PA, .444/.500/.444, 20 K%, 10 BB%, 0 HR%, .571 BABIP)

Castellanos made it two straight multi-hit games to being his first stint in the Arizona Fall League. He came away with two singles and a walk yesterday in five trips to the plate. It’s been all singles so far, and he’s benefitted from a high BABIP early, but he’s very clearly off to a good start. He was again the starter in right field.

James McCann (3 PA, .000/.000/.000, 0 BB%, 0 HR%, .000 BABIP)

McCann began the game as the Mesa catcher but failed to record a hit in three plate appearances before being lifted later in the game. McCann struggled to hit in Erie this season, and he may continue to find life difficult in the AFL.

Aaron Westlake (3 PA, .000/.000/.000, 67 K%, 0 BB%, 0 HR%, .000 BABIP)

Did not play.

Matt Hoffman (1.0 IP, 9.00 ERA, 6 TBF, 33 K%, 33 BB%, 0 HR%)

Hoffman got into the game for an inning of relief in the eighth. He struck out two of his six batters (both swinging), but also walked two more and allowed a hit (giving up a run in the process). Control really hasn’t been a huge struggle of his in the minor leagues, so I’ll choose to downplay that for now while enjoying the two strikeouts.

Michael Morrison (0.2 IP, 0.00 ERA, 5 TBF, 20 K%, 40 BB%, 0 HR%)

Did not play.

Luke Putkonen (0.0 IP, 0.00 ERA, 0 TBF, 0 K%, 0 BB%, 0 HR%)

Did not play.

Tyler Clark (0.0 IP, 0.00 ERA, 0 TBF, 0 K%, 0 BB%, 0 HR%)

Did not play.