Ex- Tiger Ugueth Urbina Attempts Murder…Then A Comeback?


Convicted of attempted murder in Venezuela seven and a half years ago, ex-Tiger Ugueth Urbina is apparently attempting a return to baseball. This of course would be the comeback of all comebacks. Now let me first get this straight. I am not making light of any of the events that took place. Urbina was convicted of trying to kill people with a machete. That is more than crazy, but even more crazy is the 38 year old wanting back in baseball.

To add to the bizarreness of this idea of playing baseball again in the majors is that Urbina has found a team in Venezuela to take him and his baggage on already in the Caracas Lions. The fact that he is pitching again is baffling, but it does mean that he is going to be seen by scouts which could make this story all the more interesting.

Since Major League Baseball is located in the United States of America, and we are a nation of forgiving people, it wouldn’t shock me beyond belief if Urbina at some point got a look by some club. I certainly am not in favor of that particular scenario. Could you imagine a clubhouse with Urbina in it? Or a fan base that is expected to cheer on a guy that spent seven plus years in prison for using a machete on other human beings?

The fear is that his arm is strong enough and good enough that a big league club feels he could help them. Teams attempting to win have a habit of overlooking transgressions by their players. Fans can overlook those transgressions if they produce on the field. Those transgressions, despite not being victimless tend to lack the savagery of Urbina’s act.

Is attempted murder where Americans and baseball would draw the line? Drugs, DUI’s, and even domestic situations are forgiven, but attempted murder? With a machete?

Urbina of course claims he had nothing to do with the incident that took place when he was 31 years old. Despite that, it happened on his family farm, so claiming lack of involvement is questionable at best. Now 38, it’s quite possible he is too old and way too rusty to help a team anyway, but he shouldn’t even be given that chance.

The good thing is, he likely won’t…unless there is some team out there even crazier than him coming back in the first place.