Baseball Prospectus Releases Detroit Tigers Top 10 Prospect List


We have sort of an affinity for prospects and prospect rankings here at Motor City Bengals. John Verburg has been the curator our own Top 50 list for a couple of years now, but we like to get a broader perspective as well.

We’ve already seen a Detroit Tigers prospect list from FanGraphs and Bullpen Banter and today we get to see the list put together by Jason Parks of Baseball Prospectus. You’ll need a subscription to view the whole article and player profiles, but thy give the list above the paywall:

"1. OF/IF Nick Castellanos (1)2. OF Avisail Garcia (2)3. RHP Bruce Rondon(3)4. OF Danry Vasquez (4)5. RHP Jake Thompson (5)6. LHP Casey Crosby (6)7. IF Eugenio Suarez (7)8. CF Austin Schotts (10)9. RF Steven Moya (9)10. 2B Harold Castro (11)"

If that list looks familiar it’s because it’s very nearly the exact same names in the exact same order as John had here. The only missing name on the Baseball Prospectus list is Tyler Collins, who was ranked eighth in the system here on MCB. I’ve added the MCB ranking in parenthesis to the list above.

It’s clear that the strength of the system is no longer power pitching arms, as it was for so many years, but rather outfield bats. Once you get past the top three on the list however (at all of these positions) we don’t see anything close to a sure thing. Guys like Moya and Vasquez could turn into solid MLB regulars (or even something better), but they’re a long way away right now and have a lot of development to do before we’re really even having that conversation.