Comparing the 2013 Tigers offense with the 2014 lineup - Rob Rogacki - Bless You Boys Ro..."/> Comparing the 2013 Tigers offense with the 2014 lineup - Rob Rogacki - Bless You Boys Ro..."/>

Detroit Tigers Links 12/23/2013: Comparing the Tigers and the Other Side of the Win Curve


Sep 22, 2013; Detroit, MI, USA; Detroit Tigers left fielder Nick Castellanos (30) hits a single in the fifth inning against the Chicago White Sox at Comerica Park. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Comparing the 2013 Tigers offense with the 2014 lineup – Rob Rogacki – Bless You Boys

Rob runs the numbers to determine how the 2014 Detroit Tigers stack up against the 2013 version of the team. Are they better or worse right now?

"Fast forward through the roster turnover, and the 2014 Tigers lineup is hoping to function like a newly-tuned sports car: lose a little horsepower, but compensate by cutting out some weight in order to get lighter and faster. We know it will look, feel, and sound different, but will it ultimately be any better?In order to assess this, I did two comparisons: the 2013 Tigers roster against the 2014 roster’s stats in ’13, and the Steamer projections for the 2014 roster. There were a few exceptions, though."

The Tigers and the Other Side of the Win Curve – Jeff Sullivan – FanGraphs

Jeff Sullivan tries to make sense of some of the Tigers’ head-scratching moves this offseason by wondering if their spot on the win curve (relative to their division foes) allows them to give up wins in 2014 to make themselves more sustainable in the long run.

"Wins are important to the Tigers. They’re going to need many of them! And there’s value in maintaining or expanding a gap between yourself and another contender. But because the Tigers are the division favorites, a lost win for them means less than a gained win for the Royals. The Tigers have a fairly high playoff probability, and a fairly high ALDS probability. The teams behind them have lower and more volatile probabilities, with more to gain and more to lose. The simplest way of thinking about it: the Tigers are reasonably secure as favorites, allowing them some flexibility provided they didn’t dismantle themselves somehow."

At third base, Detroit Tigers like entire AL Central in a state of flux – John Lowe – Detroit Free Press

John Lowe points out the lack of solid, proven third base options in the American League Central Division, Tigers included.

"The Tigers hope that rookie Nick Castellanos can become their third baseman this coming season. But third base is a tough position to fill, given its arm-plus-reflexes necessity on defense and its “corner position” production expectations on offense. Just look at the state of third base around the America League Central."

Detroit Tigers rumored target Shin-Soo Choo agrees to seven-year deal with Texas Rangers – James Schmehl – MLive

"The Detroit Tigers were considered long shots to acquire highly touted free agent Shin-Soo Choo after having already addressed their outfield earlier this month.Now, they have no shot.Widely considered the biggest remaining name on the free-agent market, Choo has reportedly reached an agreement to a seven-year deal for $130 million with the Texas Rangers."