Detroit Tigers Links: April Review, Robbie Ray Could Help Make Max Scherzer Decision Easy


Apr 22, 2014; Detroit, MI, USA; Detroit Tigers starting pitcher Max Scherzer (37) before the game against the Chicago White Sox at Comerica Park. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

April review: Tigers on the right track despite early concerns – Patrick OKennedy – Bless You Boys

"The Tigers finish April with 14 wins, 9 losses, which is good for a winning percentage of .609. If they were to maintain this pace all season, they’d win 99 games, and almost surely win their fourth consecutive division title."

Read on for more rankings and notes on how the Detroit Tigers finished up the month of April. Some good stuff here.

Robbie Ray Could Make It Easier For Detroit Tigers To Let Max Scherzer Go – Brad Faber – Rant Sports

"If Ray continues to pitch like he has thus far, the Tigers will likely have an easier time letting Max Scherzer go this offseason. Although both Scherzer and the Tigers have continued to express an interest in prolonging their relationship, inking him to a mega-deal after this season may not be the best idea."

I think this is what the Detroit Tigers are thinking as well. If Robbie Ray is knocking on the door at the end of the season, they could be much more comfortable looking at 2015 without Max Scherzer. Of course, you wouldn’t want to commit all those year to Scherzer just because you’re worried about 2015.

Tigers will benefit from Scherzer’s decision – Joseph Hayes – The Times Herald

"But while the article alluded to the risks Scherzer was taking in turning down the contract, it should be stated that the riskiest move of them all was Detroit’s intention to sign him to such a large contract while still having so much guaranteed money committed to Miguel Cabrera, Justin Verlander, Anibal Sanchez and even Prince Fielder."

They’re clearly not going to sign him at any cost — otherwise they would have already — so they’re keeping a keen eye on their future payroll figures at this point.