Detroit Tigers Links: More Joakim Soria reactions


We’re still in the, rightful or wrongful, afterglow of a major trade pulled off by the Detroit Tigers to bring in bullpen help in the form of Joakim Soria at the cost of some very high rated prospects.

Let’s take a look at the links first and then do a mass comment after. 

Detroit Tigers in total win-now mode, address biggest problem in trade for Joakim Soria – James Schmehl, MLive

More from Detroit Tigers News

"The Tigers desperately needed to address their bullpen, so they went out and acquired one of the best relievers in the American League. It was a move that made the Tigers, already among the best teams in baseball, even better. Right now, that’s all that matters to the Tigers. And, believe it or not, all they had to give up were a pair of prospects. Just two. Two prospects, who weren’t going to help the Tigers win a World Series this year, in exchange for a two-time All-Star closer who will surely make an immediate impact."

Tigers acquire closer Joakim Soria from Rangers – Greg Garno, Sporting News

"The Detroit Tigers’ bullpen has perennially been a crutch to their chances of winning a World Series and this year has been no different. But the AL Central division leaders are taking a step to remedy that problem. On Wednesday, the Detroit Tigers acquired Rangers closer Joakim Soria in exchange for pitchers Corey Knebel and Jake Thompson."

Joakim Soria trade a massive overpay for Tigers – Rob Rogacki, Bless You Boys

"Simply put: “winning” this trade hinges entirely on whether the Tigers win the World Series. Yes, Dombrowski was in a bind. The Los Angeles Angels essentially set the market price when they sent three of their best prospects to the San Diego Padres for closer Huston Street. The Tigers’ bullpen is basically Joba Chamberlain and his beard amid a smoldering pile of wreckage. Dombrowski needed to make a deal, and he did. But had he acted earlier — six to eight months earlier, to be more precise — the Tigers would not have been in this position in the first place. Now, they are without a pair of potentially impactful prospects in hopes of bringing a title to Detroit within the next couple seasons."

Joakim Soria is great start, but Tigers need more before trade deadline – Tony Paul, Detroit News

"Fortunately for the Tigers, they still have prospects to deal, more than enough to get one more guy. I suggest that guy be old friend Joaquin Benoit from the Padres, but if it’s Antonio Bastardo from the Phillies or Oliver Perez from the Diamondbacks, that’ll do too. They could use a lockdown left-hander. Win now: Some Tigers fans will look at the prospects Dombrowski gave up and cringe. And that’s fine. Corey Knebel projects as a very good back-end reliever at the major-league level within the next few years, and Jake Thompson isn’t too far from making his first major-league start. But they weren’t going to help the Tigers win this year, and so they were expendable. (That should serve notice to everyone left in the organization.)"

I understand the frustration that Detroit Tigers fans have with seeing potential pieces of the future leave to land a band-aid for a championship run. This is not just a Tigers’ problem, this happens to every contender in most sports approaching the end of the season. Do we mortgage the future for a chance at winning it all now?

The Tigers have built their 2014 season to WIN NOW, so for the Tigers in 2014 that answer has to be YES.

Look, we are sports bloggers and we delve further into the team than most fans. While the average fan does not know or care who Jake Thompson is, we do, and we know the potential he has. This is our job and duty as a Detroit Tigers’ blogger. So you can understand why the hand wringing came from most of us in the blogosphere.

Many of the same fans complaining about the bullpen are complaining about this trade, but you can’t have it both ways. You trade prospects to get known quantities. That’s the way it is. Consider it the gift and the curse of being a competitor.

Remember the Tigers of old? They would ship off a piece of their team for prospects (that never materialized). And that may be the problem many have. We’re all a little fearful the 100-loss Tigers will return and no one wants to see that.

Would it be easier to see a string of 100-loss seasons if they win the title this year? I can’t answer that question, but it would be nice to have that question to ponder (if it even comes to that) after a couple of weeks of late October celebration. With the Tigers bullpen as it was on Tuesday, that would not have been possible. With their bullpen today, they have as good of a chance as anyone.