Detroit Tigers Links: Embarrassment of riches at short, Pudge honored & Andy Dirks


Detroit Tigers adore rookie Eugenio Suarez, but don’t expect team to trade shortstop Jose Iglesias – James Schmehl,

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"The Boston Globe’s Nick Cafardo reported Sunday that several scouts are hearing the Tigers are “really impressed” with Suarez and, as a result, may trade Iglesias, who has missed this season with stress fractures in both shins. At this point, it’s pure conjecture, and it’s incredibly difficult to imagine the Tigers would be able to trade Iglesias at full value, given the uncertainty of his injury. However, Iglesias is scheduled to be re-evaluated next month where he will undergo another X-ray, which should provide a much better idea as to when the Tigers can expect the 24-year-old to be back to full strength."

From all of the reports we have heard on Jose Iglesias, it would appear he will be healthy and ready for Spring Training 2015, however I would not expect to hear otherwise–the team will put a positive spin on his recovery, even if it’s lagging. Should he be ready to go by March, who does the team go with? Iglesias who has highlight reel defensive capabilities or Suarez who has a little pop and could develop into a decent-hitting shortstop? If everything is equal, it will be a tough choice to make.

Detroit Tigers to honor Pudge Rodriguez – James Janke, Detroit Free Press

"The Detroit Tigers will honor former catcher Pudge Rodriguez during the team’s ninth annual ¡Fiesta Tigres! Celebration this week. The event is designed to “recognize and honor the contributions of Hispanic and Latino players to the game of baseball.”"

Pudge isn’t remembered too fondly by Tigers’ fans–not in the vein of Magglio Ordonez and some others. He had his share of off-field problems in Detroit (i.e. rumored clashes with former manager Alan Trammell and some diva-like behavior), but his arrival coincided with the turnaround in the constant losing culture of Tigers’ baseball. He should be honored for helping turn things around here, even if it was largely symbolic.

Detroit Tigers Should Have Backup Plan For Andy Dirks – Brad Faber, MLive

"One of the biggest upsides to Dirks’ potential return is the fact that he will give the Tigers a much-needed left-handed bat. Throughout the entire season, switch-hitting Victor Martinez has been the team’s only consistent left-handed threat. The only other three Tigers who bat from the left side are Alex Avila, Don Kelly and switch-hitting Andrew Romine, who have all had their issues at the plate this season. Avila has hit seven home runs but is only batting .217 and has struck out 99 times already. Kelly is hitting a respectable .255 but has yet to homer, and Romine has batted just .190 from the left side."

I am still waiting for a Tigers’ fan to express their joy over Dirks’ seemingly imminent return. Please do, I want to hear from you. Leave your pro-Dirks messages in the comments below.