VIDEO: Detroit Tigers say goodbye to Austin Jackson, make roster moves following blockbuster trade


It was a rather surreal moment in the minutes after the deal that brought David Price to the Detroit Tigers was completed. Austin Jackson was pulled from the game and this was the resulting moment:

I think we have all had our share of gripes about Jackson, but his exit offered a sad bit of finality. Detroit fans acted great and saluted one of the major core players during their AL Central championship run.

It is not a moment that many fans will soon forget.

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But onward and upward. The Tigers need to plug some holes that have been created by Price coming here, Jackson going to Seattle, and Drew Smyly heading to Tampa.

In the moments following the Tigers’ 7-4 drubbing at the hands of the Chicago White Sox, to lose the series, the team began making corresponding moves.

Ezequiel Carrera has been pushing for another chance in the majors, hitting .307 with an .809 OPS in 97 games Toledo, but was unable to break through the outfield log jam of Torii Hunter, Rajai Davis, J.D. Martinez, and Jackson. Carrera has 131 big league games under his belt with stints in Philadelphia and Cleveland.

Pat McCoy was very good before going onto the DL a few weeks back, posting a 1.80 ERA in five games. Krol, on the other hand, has been terrible before and after his DL stint and will go back to the Mud Hens and try to work through his issues.