Detroit Tigers Links: Joe Nathan doesn’t get it & ways to reverse the Tigers’ ongoing meltdown


Tigers closer Joe Nathan just doesn’t get it – Matt Pelc, MCB Special to Detroit Free Press

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"Joe Nathan doesn’t get it. While it is never fun to be booed — it’s a whole lot better than the alternative. All he needs to do is ask teammate David Price what it was like to play in front of an empty stadium and apathetic fans. Then again, that just might be something Nathan would excel with: no pressure, no expectations, and not enough fans to boo."

He can apologize all he wants but fans are not upset over the gesture, they are upset that he is not living up to his billing and not taking accountability for his failures.

5 keys for the Detroit Tigers as they head into final 40 games of season, chase Central Division title – Chris Iott, MLive

"1. Play better defense2. Stay within striking distance during a tough time on the schedule3. Take advantage of the schedule late in the season4. Get healthy and stay healthy5. Beat the Kansas City Royals"

The Kansas City Royals are red-hot, there is not debating that. But as the formerly 27-12 Detroit Tigers can tell you, hot streaks during 162 games come and go. Two years ago today, the Tigers were two games out of first place and went on to the World Series. So while this team has been horrible to watch recently, they are just a hot streak away from being where they need to be.

Meltdowns push Tigers outside of playoff picture – Lynn Henning, Detroit News

"Defensively, the team is little different from a Tigers crew that is 23rd in fielding percentage and — again, more transparently — is 27th in defensive efficiency rating, which explains how many fielding opportunities are turned into put-outs."

It is tough to say what has been the biggest disappointing unit on the Tigers this year between bullpen, hitting, and defense. The bullpen we expected, the hitting comes and goes, but the defense, even during the hot streaks this year has been lacking. The Tigers outta be taking defensive drills before the first game of every series the rest of the year. You know the old adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” well for the Tigers it IS broke and you HAVE to fix it.