Anibal Sanchez suffers setback, could miss rest of season for Detroit Tigers


The Detroit Tigers received news they really did not want to hear this afternoon and that is that starting pitcher Anibal Sanchez suffered a setback trying to come back from his injury. Sanchez, who was penciled in to start one of the games of the double-header Saturday in Chicago, is worried this may cost him the rest of the 2014 season. [Insert Doug Fister comment here]

When someone writes a book about this season for the Tigers, it will be titled “If it can go wrong, it will go wrong.”

Should the Tigers make the playoffs again and Sanchez cannot go in the postseason, this may not be a HUGE deal. One of the starters would have gone to the bullpen to move to a traditional postseason four-man rotation anyway. Yes I understand what you are yelling at the screen right now, “Why wouldn’t it be Justin Verlander!?” But for a team and manager that has stuck with Joe Nathan as closer, do you really think they would send the highest paid pitcher in baseball to the bullpen in the playoffs?

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Of course, we are getting WAY ahead of ourselves as the Tigers find themselves out of a playoff spot heading into tonight’s action with the Yankees at Comerica Park. The battle for Detroit now is to just get to the playoffs, and that seems to be more of an uphill battle than it was a couple of hours ago. Robbie Ray has not instilled much confidence that he is ready to start on a big league level just yet [insert another Doug Fister comment here], let alone a pennant race. Kyle Lobstein shows promise, but again, he’s a rookie.

So is this the final nail in the Tigers’ coffin or will this unite them and push them to where they need to be?