Detroit Tigers Labor Day Links: Home plate collision rule, Ian Kinsler key & Miggy’s health


A couple of Detroit Tigers among those who want plate-blocking rule changed – or dumped – Bob Nightengale, USA Today

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"Implemented this season to help avoid home-plate collisions and concussions, Rule 7.13 probably has served its intended purpose. Yet it has created consternation, confusion and annoyance on how to approach — and police — the dirt around home plate.“It would be a travesty if it decides the seventh game of the World Series,” Detroit Tigers manager Brad Ausmus, who caught for 19 years in the major leagues, told USA TODAY Sports. “I think the idea was to prevent collisions, and in my mind, it’s been successful. I haven’t seen a collision all year.“But it does need to be clarified. It needs to be much more cut and dry. Right now, it’s hazy. I’m hoping they do something before the playoffs.”"

I was in favor of outlawing home plate collisions. Most baseball fans do not really care about contact since baseball is not a contact sport except for the rare catcher collision. There are other sports you can watch to see people get the snot knocked out them (though ironically not so much football anymore with all the rules they’ve been applying). However, baseball bumbled this. Instead of coming up with a rule early in the last off-season, they dragged their heels and announced it right before Spring Training and the rule itself was a headscratcher. Hopefully they will refine it heading into next year.

Detroit Tigers Could Use A 2011-Esque September From Ian Kinsler – Brad Faber, Rant Sports

"Kinsler’s post All-Star break slump is not terribly unusual, considering the fact that he is a .258 career hitter in the second half compared to a .285 hitter in the first half. However, despite the fact that he has a little bit of a reputation for being a first-half player, he did in fact put up an incredibly impressive September not too long ago. Three years ago while still playing for the Texas Rangers, Kinsler had an enormous September, slashing .330/.421/.711 with 11 home runs, eight stolen bases and 17 RBIs in 24 games. Kinsler and the 2011 Rangers would, of course, go on to defeat the Tigers in the 2011 ALCS before falling to the St. Louis Cardinals in the 2011 World Series."

If Miguel Cabrera misses an extended amount of time in September, the Tigers would really love to see a return of first-half Ian Kinsler. Even if his offense is struggling, his defense is top-notch and worthy of a Gold Glove.

Miguel Cabrera’s health leaves a dark cloud over Tigers’ pennant push – Lynn Henning, Detroit News

"Ausmus repeated Saturday what the Tigers have known about Cabrera forever. He levels with them. That he bites bullets and has a pain threshold as high as any athlete’s is also universally known. And so the Tigers defer to experts, doctors, who can say with assurance that what Cabrera is doing is not violating his long-term medical interests. Rather, it’s a matter of what he can stand and what he can yet do, with all parties aware that what we are seeing is nothing close to what a healthy Cabrera can execute."

At this point, it can’t really hurt to get Miggy off his feet for an extended period of time. He still brings something to the table because he still gets his RBIs and doubles, however his defense is starting to slip (back-to-back games of allowing an errand pickoff throw over the weekend). Remember, the Tigers have a long-term and expensive investment in Cabrera.  At some point you have to think about the best thing for the future of the franchise, not just the next 1 to 2 months.