Miguel Cabrera’s injury is something to worry about


During this season’s All Star Game, it was reported by Jorge L. Ortiz of USA Today that Detroit Tiger slugger Miguel Cabrera was still hurting, despite having groin surgery during the offseason.

"“There are times when I feel good, but there are always muscles that are tightening, muscles that are not functioning properly,” Cabrera said in Spanish. “It’s part of the process”"

But when asked about his comments the next day, Cabrera refuted the claim saying ““I didn’t say that.”

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As it’s known, Miguel Cabrera is not one to open up about anything, whether it be a professional or personal matter. It was one word against another and that’s about all that came of the situation.

But since those comments were made, Cabrera’s numbers have dropped drastically. And for the first time in a while, Miguel Cabrera does not look like one of the most feared hitters in the game. It simply looks as though Cabrera has lost his mojo these past couple of months. So what could it be?

Well, fact of the matter is that Miguel Cabrera is hurt, and that can be solely attributed to his non Cabrera-esque play.

Since the All Star Break, Miggy has struggled at the plate. While his average is still hovering above .300, his power numbers have decreased drastically. Only 5 HR’s and 19 RBI’s since the ASG;  2 HR’s in the month of July and only 1 HR in August.

“Cabrera’s .252 BA in August is also the lowest single month BA Cabrera has had since July 2011”

Doubles are down as well; 34 two-baggers before the ASG and only 8 since the midsummer classic.

Such a drop-off in overall performance can only be on account of a few things; but in this case, injury is most certainly the cause. And with a rocky road and bleak words on Cabrera’s condition, there’s reason to worry.

Just this past Saturday, Cabrera was forced to exit a game against the Chicago White Sox after aggravating his ankle while running to first base. Since then, Cabrera has either sat or been the DH. An appearance at 1st base since his exit is non-existent.

Per Chris Iott of Mlive,

"Ausmus said he recently discussed the idea of giving Cabrera four or five consecutive days off to rest the ankle. He said that could still happen at some point between now and the end of the season.He also made it clear he doesn’t expect the injury to be 100 percent healed until after the 2014 season ends."

Judging by those comments, it seems as though there is no quick-fix f0r the situation. Which means the performance we’ve been seeing since the ASG might continue till’ season’s end.

On Monday, Cabrera collected 4 hits, including 2 HR’s while in the DH position. That’s a good sign but it’s only one game. We all need that performance consistently. Injury has killed his numbers all season long, but now that it’s crunch time, every single moment matters.

Knock on wood the situation gets better…