Detroit Tigers Links: Tigers still in race in spite of everything, Torii eyes the end & Verlander’s Kate Upton problem


Injuries trying to derail year, but Detroit Tigers still in playoff hunt – Matt Pelc, Motor City Bengals special to Detroit Free Press

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"It has seemed like if something could go wrong for the Tigers in 2014, it will go wrong. Detroit has always been a team that seemingly can turn it on and off at will. In 2012, they had to overcome a late, commanding divisional lead by Chicago to get back to the playoffs. Last year, they had a large AL Central lead heading into September, but put it on cruise control and ended up with only a one-game lead in the final standings.Nonetheless, with seven of the final eight series of the season against AL Central opponents, including two each with the Royals andIndians, they control their own destiny.It would seem the Tigers are due for luck to shine down on them and there would be no finer time for this to happen than the September stretch run."

Most of us have followed the Tigers since the first pitch in Spring Training nearly seven months ago. We know what has gone wrong and we also know with a few things differently, this season would be going a lot better–and it could also be going a lot worse. The Tigers are still in it and that’s really all you can ask for after this roller coaster season.

Tigers’ Hunter has big plans for post-playing career – Dana Wakiji, Fox Sports Detroit

"“It’s pretty awesome,” Hunter said. “I really like MLB Network, I like FOX. TBS has approached me, sometimes ESPN. But a lot of networks have approached me. They always want you to do the playoffs and different things. But my sons are in college playing football on weekends, I can’t really do it. But for right now, my main focus is playing baseball.”Hunter has also considered front office work, especially watching general managers like Terry Ryan in Minnesota and Dave Dombrowski in Detroit.“I’ve always wanted to do that, run my own ball club and pick my own players and put them on the field and let people know I could pick that talent out as well,” Hunter said. “It’s a tougher job than you think. Just watching Dave Dombrowski, Terry Ryan all these years, they have tough decisions.”"

Torii has only one thing left to play for–a World Series. Should he get that this season, I’d expect him to retire, however if he doesn’t, it’s anyone’s bet. I have to believe his future as a player (if there is one) will not be in Detroit after this season, win or lose.

Alleged Leaked Kate Upton Photos Are Big Deal For Detroit Tigers’ Justin Verlander – Vinny Lanni, Rant Sports

"Take a look at Verlander’s ERA over the past few years before Upton came along in 2014: 2011 – 2.40, 2012 – 2.64, 2013 – 3.46, 2014 – 4.68. I’m not going to blame Upton as the sole reason for Verlander’s increase in ERA over the past few seasons, but I’m sure she has somewhat of an effect on it."

I bring this article up not because I want to talk about the Kate Upton and Justin Verlander leaked pictures, but I want to point out the tired argument of “Verlander sucks now that he’s dating a supermodel.” I’ve seen this from other Tigers’ fans as well. Verlander had dated other women before Upton came along and he was a tremendous pitcher. A player’s sex life has NOTHING to do with their performance on the field. If it was true that dating a supermodel made a great player bad, then why is Derek Jeter a sure-fire Hall-of-Famer with all the famous women he’s dated?

Verlander’s problems have to do with getting older, having surgery last year, and losing MPH off his fast ball, which causes him to lose confidence in himself. It has nothing to do with Kate Upton. I suspect that this writer just wanted to get page views by getting “Kate Upton” in his title when she was trending worldwide. Far be it for me to attack another blogger, but this guy is not the typically awesome Detroit Tigers writer at Rant Sports (Brad Faber), it is a New York Jets writer just trying to get himself some attention.