Detroit Tigers Links: WaPo bullish on Royals, Sept call-ups, Nathan’s good deed


Two reasons the Kansas City Royals will win the AL Central over Detroit Tigers – Neil Greenberg, Washington Post

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"And then there is the AL Central, where the Detroit Tigers and Kansas City Royals are still in a dogfight for the title. The Royals are expected to finish with a 89.4-72.6 record, while the Tiger are close behind at 89.1-72.9. The fractional wins are a by-product of simulating the season 10,000 times and taking the average number of wins and losses. The probabilities for winning the division are 57.0 percent and 40.5 percent, respectively."

Their two reasons are bullpen and defense. One thing they do not account for that I’ll place in the Tigers’ camp is intangibles–maybe more aptly described as “experience.” There is a lot of pressure in September, something the Tigers have mastered since 2011. The Royals haven’t had a meaningful September since the first Bush administration.

Early Takeaways from the Detroit Tigers September Call-Ups – James Duncan – Bleacher Report

"Earlier this month, the Detroit Tigers expanded their playing roster with the annual September call-ups. This coterie of youngsters has arrived in Motown at the back end of Detroit’s roller-coaster season. They may play an important role, as the Tigers are currently looking up in both the division and wild-card standings and chasing their fourth consecutive berth in the postseason."

My early takeaway is we don’t know. The article talks a lot about Kyle Lobstein, but he was here before the call-ups. The position players that have been called up have had no playing time and are just filling up roster space at this point.

Detroit Tigers pitcher to deliver $50,000 donation to fire department – ClickonDetroit

"Tigers pitcher Joe Nathan plans to present a $50,000 check to the Detroit fire department on Wednesday. The money is being given by the Detroit Tigers Foundation and the Detroit Public Safety Foundation."

Awesome gesture for Joe, who has been known to give back to the community often throughout his career.