Detroit Tigers’ season is over: What they’re saying


The Detroit Tigers season is over.

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It’s hard for that to soak in. It may take several days of seeing other teams advance and bow out of the 2014 postseason to fully realize it. Baseball is a full-time job for most of the year. It is a 162-game commitment, following the team since February and then it’s all over. Just like that.

Though the Tigers still haven’t won the biggest prize since their reemergence on the baseball contenders’ list back in 2006, they had never gone out of the postseason with such a thud, becoming the first team eliminated in the divisional round for 2014, breaking their perfect 4-0 divisional series mark.

The record books will reflect that the 2014 Tigers were at times a very good team, a bad team, and an average team. We saw a little of all three of these events in the short 98-hour window that was the Detroit Tigers’ 2014 postseason.

So where do we go from here? Time will only tell.

In the meantime, here’s some instant reaction from players in the clubhouse courtesy of the Tigers’ always stellar beat writers and others.

Torii Hunter

Victor Martinez  

Max Scherzer

Alex Avila