Detroit Tigers Links: An argument for keeping Ausmus, another for hiring Gardenhire, need to sign Miller


Last week, Josh Scramlin fired up two camps of Detroit Tigers’ fans here at Motor City Bengals, the pro-firing of Brad Ausmus crowd and the anti-firing crowd. We were not the only ones discussing it.

Mitch Albom says firing the rookie manager would be a mistake while Greg Eno from Bless You Boys agrees with Josh and wants the Tigers to be bold and grab Gardenhire while he’s available.

In other news, we look at how the signing of Andrew Miller could be the anchor the much-maligned (and hopefully rebuilt) 2015 Detroit bullpen needs.

Albom: Tigers’ Brad Ausmus should remain manager – Mitch Albom, Detroit Free Press

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"That’s no reason to dump Ausmus, who still led them to a division title in his first year and created a good clubhouse spirit. He’ll get more experienced, and Dave Dombrowski again will search for a bullpen and (it says here) stronger outfielders.It gets cold fast when your team loses, and the heat of anger can make you feel warmer. But anger burns fast. When the smoke clears, the Tigers need some reconstruction. I don’t think it starts with the manager."

If Tigers choose to be bold, Ron Gardenhire could be their manager in 2015 – Greg Eno, Bless You Boys

"Gardenhire isn’t the greatest thing since sliced bread. I get it. But how many guys are?He knows the division inside and out. He is known for being a deft handler of bullpens and a terrific in-game tactician. His players in Minnesota adored him, even when the team was losing. Joe Mauer spoke glowingly of Gardenhire in the wake of the firing last week.The Tigers’ so-called “window” to win the whole thing, an overused term but also appropriate, isn’t getting any wider. There are many decisions to make—many of them involving free agents-to-be. The roster will look markedly different in 2015 from what it looks like now. But it will still be a highly competitive roster."

Detroit Tigers Should Sign Andrew Miller As Part Of Effort To Rebuild Bullpen – Brad Faber, Rant Sports

"Detroit may be able to take another crack at bringing Miller back to the Motor City, too. A free-agent-to-be, Miller will likely be able to command a multi-year deal and a rather sizable payday, but he would be worth it. Signing him may be the perfect place for the Tigers to begin in their effort to reconstruct their bullpen."