Detroit Tigers Halloween Links: Players returning, rumored free agents and odds to win it all


Happy Halloween from Motor City Bengals!

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The day of death can mean the death of the baseball season–if you’re a glass half empty type of person or it can be the start of something new–hot stove league.

This morning we take a look at a pair of Tigers almost certain to return. Alex Avila is a given in his final year of arbitration. Joakim Soria is not so certain, but I’d hazard to guess he will be back. The team gave up a lot to use Soria sparingly. I don’t see Joba Chamberlain coming back so Soria will become the 8th inning guy and will move to the 9th if Joe Nathan struggles again–or so we all hope.

We also look at free agents which would look nice in the Old English D and the always silly next season World Series odds hours after the previous World Series has ended. In others words: MEANINGLESS.

Expect Soria and Avila to return in ’15 for Tigers – Anthony Fenech, Detroit Free Press

"Soria, 30, was acquired in the middle of the season from the Rangers for two of the organization’s top pitching prospects, Jake Thompson and Corey Knebel. Soria struggled at first, was shelved for a month with an oblique injury and steadied the ship in September — before getting rocked in the playoffs.His $7-million option is reasonably priced by today’s standards given his track record (2.58 career ERA) and closing experience (178 saves), the first of which the Tigers’ bullpen desperately needs and the other of which would serve as a safety net in case closer Joe Nathan struggles again."

Detroit Tigers Rumors: 5 Possible Free-Agent Targets In 2015 – Nate Williams, Detroit Jock City

"Jon LesterAndrew MillerRussell MartinColby RasmusMichael Cuddyer"

Tigers’ odds of winning 2015 World Series are 10-1 – Detroit News

"Washington Nationals, 15-2Los Angeles Dodgers, 15-2Detroit Tigers, 10-1Los Angeles Angels, 10-1San Francisco Giants, 12-1St. Louis Cardinals, 12-1Kansas City Royals, 16-1Seattle Mariners, 18-1Baltimore Orioles, 20-1Oakland Athletics, 20-1Pittsburgh Pirates, 20-1Atlanta Braves, 22-1Boston Red Sox, 22-1New York Yankees, 22-1Cleveland Indians, 25-1Cincinnati Reds, 33-1Tampa Bay Rays, 33-1Texas Rangers, 33-1Toronto Blue Jays, 33-1Chicago White Sox, 40-1Milwaukee Brewers, 40-1New York Mets, 40-1Chicago Cubs, 50-1Miami Marlins, 50-1San Diego Padres, 66-1Philadelphia Phillies, 75-1Arizona Diamondbacks, 100-1Colorado Rockies, 100-1Houston Astros, 100-1Minnesota Twins, 100-1"