Detroit Tigers Links: Alan Trammell returns, a case for his HOF enshrinment, an uncertain offseason


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Alan Trammell is back where he belongs. Yesterday he signed on with the origination to be a special assistant to GM Dave Dombrowski. While Tram had a tough time as manager a decade ago (though who wouldn’t with the teams he was given), it seems that chapter has forgotten and Tigers’ fans have reinstated him to beloved status.

While we fans locally know that Tram is a Hall-of-Famer, a national source, Deadspin, finally acknowledges this as well.

Finally, we look at the Tigers uncertain future and how it will be and won’t be addressed this offseason.

Alan Trammell back with Detroit Tigers: ‘It feels right’ – George Sipple, Detroit Free Press

"“Couldn’t be happier,” Trammell said. “Brad Ausmus, who I’ve been friends with and played with him — we were neighbors for a few years, we’d go to lunch a couple times in the off-season — and I thought it was just a call to check up on me and see how I was doing, which it was. But then at the end, he mentioned, ‘Hey, I talked to with Dave recently, and we just wanted to see if you’d be interested in possibly coming back in some capacity.’ Caught me off-guard. I started to think, ‘You know what? Sure. I’d be interested.'”"

Two Unrecognized Hall Of Fame Shortstops – Michael Humphreys, Deadspin

"Trammell had essentially the same top-3 and top-7 GPA as Banks, Ripken, Yount, and Larkin. Based on an open-source fielding evaluation system we’ll be discussing shortly, he also saved more runs in the field than any of those three. Trammell was actually very close in overall value to Larkin.Larkin is probably in the Hall because his lifetime batting average of .295 was close enough to .300 for him to be perceived as basically a .300 hitter, and perhaps also because he once hit over 30 home runs back when that was still considered miraculous for a shortstop.Trammell is probably out (so far) because his .285 lifetime batting average, though very high for a career shortstop, wasn’t close enough to .300 for him to be perceived as a so-called .300 hitter, and because he never hit 30 homers, though he did hit 28 once."

Detroit Tigers’ Uncertain Future Not an Easy Fix This Offseason – Anthony Witrado, Bleacher Report

"No other contending team has as much uncertainty about its future as the Tigers, and now that the Royals are a legitimate threat to take the top spot in the AL Central, the Tigers are in sink-or-swim mode, sinking being more likely in the coming years."